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"Modern" Ancient Greek Music

...experience enabled men to judge what was or was not really conducive to virtue, and they rejected both the flute and several other old-fashioned instruments, such as the Lydian harp, the many-stringed lyre, the 'heptagon,' 'triangle,' 'sambuca,' the like- which are intended only to give pleasure to the hearer, and require extraordinary skill of hand. There is a meaning also in the myth of the ancients, which tells how Athene invented the flute and then threw it away. It was not a bad idea of theirs, that the Goddess disliked the instrument because it made the face ugly; but with still more reason may we say that she rejected it because the acquirement of flute-playing contributes nothing to the mind, since to Athene we ascribe both knowledge and art. Aristotle, Politics

Ancient Greek Music

Ancient Greek Dance

Daemonia Nymphe (Δαιμόνια Νύμφη)(Spyros Giasafakis, Evi Stergiou, Maria Stergiou, Christos Koukaras, Dafni Kotsiani, Vaggelis Pasxalidis ) The Modern Sound of Ancient Hellenic Music The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphs , (A related ancient Greek sculpture The divine madness of the orgiastic Maenad ) Calling the 12 Gods

Petros Tabouris (Πέτρος Ταμπούρης) (? Athens) “Greek music is basically split and differentiated into two periods: the period of Greek Antiquity and the period of the Middle Ages and Christianity”, Music of Greek Antiquity by Aulites. Hyperlinked titles can be accessed via RealAudio. Lament (Threnos) By Simonides, First Pythian Ode By Pindar, Sikkinis, Epitaph Of Seikilos More examples from Petros Tabouris

Lyravlos (Λύραυλος) - Panagiotis Stefos, Solis Barki, Christina Siaki, Anna Chronopoulou, Vagelis Maniatis (Παναγιώτης Στέφος , Σόλης Μπαρκή , Χριστίνα Σιάκη, Αννα Χρονοπούλου, Βαγγέλης Μανιάτης )


Medieval Greek “Byzantine” Church Music

For if a chant is of heavenly origin, then the acknowledgement received by man in transmitting it to posterity ought to be minimal. This is especially true when he deals with hymns which were known to have been first sung by angelic choirs - such as the Amen, Alleluia, Trisagion, Sanctus and Doxology. Consequently, until Palaeologan times, was inconceivable for a composer to place his name beside a notated text in the manuscripts.” Orthodox Byzantine Music

Byzantine music

Petros Lampadarios (Peloponnesios) (*c. Tripolis Morea - 1777 Constantinople) Composer

Lycourgos Angelopoulos


Byzantine Sounds

The mysteries of music
(includes an example of hidden evil text encrypted in Rock Music if played in reverse order)


Theodoros Vassilikos

Simon Karras (Σίμων Καράς) (21.5.1905 Olympia, 26.1.1999)

Abraham Euthymiades (Αβραάμ Ευθυμιάδης) (?)

Dionisius Firfiris (Διονύσιος Φιρφιρής) (?)

Leonidas Sfikas (Λεωνίδας Σφήκας) (?)

Georgios Remoundos (Γεώργιος Ρεμούνδος) (?)

The Divine Liturgies Music Project

http://www.cmkon.org/index.htm (A Greek Website) and

Text such as the Akathistos Ymnos (Akathist Hymn to the Most Holy Mother of God) from www.monachos.net

a website with information about orthodox religion

Άριστον μέσον των σκοτεινών δυνάμεων εναντίον της σωστής διαπλάσεως του χαρακτήρα και της προσωπικότητος των νεολαίων είναι η μοντέρνα μουσική (Ροκ, Ντίσκο, Μπλουζ, Τέκν, Ραπ, Χάουζ, κ.λπ.). Modern Music (Rock, Disco, Blues, Techno, Rap, House, etc) is the most perfect method of the dark forces against the formation of a right character and personality of young people. http://www.hymns.gr/articles.htm

Information abou byzantine Music, Notation etc.

BYZWRITER 2.0 a program for writing Byzantine Music Notation created by Dr. Gezerlis G. Velissarios (is it a surprise with this name??), University of Athens, Department of Informatics & Telecommunications, Greece.

http://www.ecclesia.gr/greek/ecclesiaradio/index.htm FM 89.5 Ecclesia Radio

Nektaria Karantzi

Traditional Folk Music (Paradosiako, Dimotiko)

- Askomandoura - Cretan lyra - Floghera - Gaida - Karamouza - Koudounia - Lalitsa - Laouto - Tambouras - Tzouras - Zournas -

Tsamikos , Greek Dances from Roumeli (Central Greece / Sterea Ellada )

Greek Singers

Tasos Chalkias (Τάσος Χαλκιάς)(1914 Granitsopoula/Epirus – 12.8.1992) , Lakis Chalkias his son (the Chalkias family, almost 200 years musical tradition)

Yiota Vei

Makedonia (Macedonia)

Nisiotika (Island Music)

Giannis Parios

Kaiti Livanou “Of the Sea and of Love”

Music of Lesbos

The music of Karpathos

Pontic Music (Pontiaka)

Music from Minor Asia where Greeks lived (among which also my Grandmother) for more than 2500 years until the so called Minor Asia catastrophe. The instruments are the kemenche or lyra, the davul (a double–headed drum) and the zurna (double reed oboe). The songs are in Pontic Greek, a mixture of ancient Greek with Turkish, Persian and other language elements.

Discography of Music from Pontos and Thrace the land of Orpheus (645 artists)


Some MP3 Examples and Text (Greek) , Pontiak Music (MP3 Audio Files)

After they had poured offerings to the gods and sung the paean, two Thracians got up and began a dance. They were wearing armour, and danced to the sound of a flute. All of a sudden one of them seemed to hit the other one, and the man fell to the ground. The Paphlagonians were alarmed at the sight, and shouted out. But the victor stripped his opponent of his weapons and marched out singing the Sitalcas, a Thracian war song. The other Thracians came and carried off the victim - who looked as if he was dead. In fact, though, he had not been hurt at all. Xenophon

Pontian Music and Dance

Dimotika Tragoudia – Text in Greek Many examples of folk songs


Domna Samiou (Δόμνα Σαμίου) (12.10.1928 Kaisariani - 10.3.2012)

Chronis Aidonidis (Χρόνης Αηδονίδης ) (23.12.1928 Karoti/Thrace) (“To aidoni tis Thrakis”)

Music of Thrace

Cretan Music

Music of Crete



United Artists of Traditional Cretan Music , Great Teachers of Cretan Music


Michalis Violaris (Μιχάλης Βιολάρης)(91.1944 Agia Varvara/Lefkosia)

http://www.avacom.net/music/ (Greek Site, Artists, Instruments, and for those who are over 18 years old (or 21 years old for US citizens) some “adult songs” Myllomena)

Ethnomusicology Research Program :


Ipirotiko (Ipiros or Epirus)

Website with Examples of Music from Ipiros


Stamatis Makris (?) Kori pou pas sto potamo , Amarantos

For all Greek folk dance enthusiasts

Guardians of Hellenism, from Hellenic Music Archives Ensemble

Information about Greek Folk Music

Information about Greek Dance

References about Musical Instruments

Fivos Anoyanakis , Greek Popular Musical Instruments, Melissa, 1991, ISBN 9602040041

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