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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Aitoloakarnania

Vonitsa (Greek: Βόνιτσα) is a town in the northwestern part of Aetolia-Acarnania in Greece, seat of the municipality of Aktio-Vonitsa. Population 4,081 (2001). The beach town is situated on the south coast of the Ambracian Gulf, and is dominated by a Venetian fortress on a hill. Vonitsa is 13 km southeast of Preveza, 18 km northeast of Lefkada (city) and 90 km northwest of Agrinio. The Greek National Road 42 (Lefkada - Amfilochia) passes through Vonitsa.

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Vonitsa proper
Aktio, the ancient Actium
Nea Kamarina

735 : Grave stele. Island marble. Found in Vonitsa, Akarnania

Vonitsa (*)


Vonitsa is built near the site of ancient Anactorium, an important city of Acarnania, founded by Corinthians in 630 BC. Like the other cities of Acarnania, it went into decline when the Romans founded Nicopolis on the other side of the Ambracian Gulf after the Battle of Actium, and forced its inhabitants to move to that city. Vonitsa was founded during Byzantine rule. Vonitsa was controlled by the Republic of Venice between 1684 and 1797. After the Greek War of Independence, the town became a part of Greece in 1832.

View of Vonitsa from the castle (*)

Year Town Community
1981 3,836 -
1991 4,037 -
2001 3,840 4,081

Municipal unit Anaktorio
Municipal Community Vonitsa
Άκτιο, το
Vonitsa (Βόνιτσα, η)
Nea Kamarina (Νέα Καμαρίνα, η)
Community Agios Nikolaos Vonitsas kai Xiromerou
Άγιος Νικόλαος, ο
Άι Γιαννης, ο
Community Drymos
Drymos (Δρυμός, ο)
Πέτρα, η
Community Thyrio
Γούργουβλη, η
Θύριο, το
Community Monastiraki
Korpi (Κορπή, η)
Monastiraki (Μοναστηράκι, το)
Community Paliampela
Βαρκό, το
Βολίμι, το
Παλιάμπελα, τα
Ρούγα, η

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