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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Kilkis

Vaptistis (Greek: Βαπτιστής) is a village and a community in the municipality of Kilkis, Kilkis regional unit of Greece.

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In 2001 its population was 449 for the village, and 504 for the community, which includes the village Kyriakaiika. It is situated 9 km west of Kilkis, 17 km east of Polykastro and 42 km north of Thessaloniki. The village, despite its size and population, has a primary school, a high school, a stadium and three churches. The protector Saint is St. John the Baptist. There are also, a rather active athletic club "A.C. Doxa Vaptisti" and a cultural one "Politistikos Syllogos Vaptisti".


Before 1922, the village was inhabited by Turks and its name was Haidarli. Following the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, Greeks from Eastern Thrace moved into Haidarli. Turks followed the same route but towards the opposite direction. A few years ago, the population of Vaptistis was about 1000 people. Nowadays, its population is around 500 since many have abandoned it and moved into cities, such as Thessaloniki and Athens.


Vaptistis (Βαπτιστής) Ioannina
Vaptistis (Βαπτιστής) Kilkis

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