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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Ouranoupoli (Greek: Ουρανούπολη, formerly Ouranopolis) is an ancient city and a modern village in Chalcidice. It was founded by Cassander and his brother Alexarchus in the late 4th century BC.[1] The village is today called Ouranoupoli.

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The old tower at the beach.
The 25th of March, Independence Day. Children parade in Ouranopolis.

The village of Ouranoupoli is situated on the coastline in the northwest part (the very beginning) of the Athos peninsula, part of the bigger Chalkidiki peninsula. It is the last settlement before the border with the monks republic of Mount Athos (the Holy Mountain).

The city of Thessaloniki is in about 140 km road distance from here.
Sister cities

Russia Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Russia


^ Tarn, p. 12. "Unmistakeable, though not Seleucid, is Ouranopolis in Pamphylia; it was a colony from Ouranopolis in Chalcidice, the city founded by Cassander's brother Alexarchus."


Tarn, William Woodthorpe. The Greeks in Bactria & India, 1950.

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