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Administrative Region : East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit : Xanthi

Leivaditis (Λειβαδίτης) Xanthi

Leivaditis is a mountain village in the prefecture of Xanthi, built at an altitude of 1,200 m. On Mount Haidou (Erymanthos) in the Koula mountain range, in the Rhodope mountain range. It is the highest inhabitable village in Thrace. Administratively, it now belongs to the municipality of Xanthi, following the new Kallikratis plan. It is located 51 km northwest of Xanthi, at the southwestern end of Mount Koula. Its population is about 60 people [2016], while according to the 2001 census it amounts to 66 people, [1] and according to previous censuses 103 (1981) and 60 (1991). [2] The climate is very harsh and in winter the village is excluded from the snow very often. Temperatures reach -25. C. A short distance from the village, is the waterfall of Trachonios Drama, which is the highest in the Balkans, as its waters fall from a height of 50m. In recent years, efforts have been made to promote the area. The hostels of the forest village, in Erymanthos, operate in the area. There is also a tavern in the village. There used to be a police force that no longer works.


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Community Karyofyto
Ano Karyofyto (Άνω Καρυόφυτο, το)
Kastanitis (Καστανίτης, ο)
Kato Karyofyto (Κάτω Καρυόφυτο, το)
Leivaditis (Λειβαδίτης, ο)

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