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Periphery:West Greece
Prefecture : Achaia


Krini (gr. Κρήνη) is a village of the municipality of Messatida.

It was called Velizi before 1912. It was renamed to Krini (Waterspring).

Krini is part of the municipal department of Krini which includes the settlements Agios Konstantinos, Rodia, Sardela and the monastery Omplu

    • Krini / η Κρήνη [ 766 ]
    • Agios Konstantinos / ο Άγιος Κωνσταντίνος (τ. Μονοδένδρι) [ 252 ]
    • Moni Omplou / η Μονή Ομπλού [ 5 ]
    • Rodia / η Ροδιά
    • Sardela / τα Σαρδελά

Entrance to the village Krini (Source)

The village Krini as seen from Demenia (Source)

Year population
1700 25
1981 657
1991 732
2001 766

The monastery Omplou (or Omplu) was build 1189. It was called Omplit Panagia Koukour (translated as the sweet Panagia of the mountain Koukou).

Church Agios Konstantinos, in the village Agios Konstantinos (Source)

Agios Konstantinos is a village named after a monastery which existed until 1896.

Rodia is on the boundary with Ovrya. The part in Ovrya is known as Profitis Ilias. The village is named after the pomegranates in the region. Until 1970 Rodia was a settlement with c. 6 houses.

Sardela is a village also known as Agios Dimitrios due to a synonymous church

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