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Prefecture : Argolis

Mycenaean Walls in Asine (Source)

Asine , an ancient Greek city of Argolis, first ever mentioned by Homer as part of the kingdom of Diomedes, king of Argos.

Asine was in Cape Kastraki, near the village Tolon of the municipality of Asini (named after Asine). It was a Mycenaean Harbour. The place was populated since the early Helladikum period.

In 740 BC the Argeians destroyed the city because its citizens helped the Spartans in their war against Argos. After the destruction its citizens left for a new city the Asine of Messenia, in a land that was given to them by the Spartans.

A fortified place was constructed in the second BC century but not used at the time of Pausanias.

Excavations made in 1922 by Swedish archaelogists found the acropolis of ancient Asine surrounded by a Cyclopean wall ("built by Cyclops") and a Mycenaic era necropolis with many skeletons and pottery speciments. Remnants of Dryopian faith were found as well.

Homer: Iliad Book 2

Warriors from Argos, fortified Tiryns, Hermione, 
Asine, both with deep bays,- Troezene, Eionae,  
vine-rich Epidaurus, Achaean youth from Aegina, Mases -
all these were led by mighty fighter Diomedes,
skilled in war cries, and by Sthenelus, dear son
of famous Capaneus.

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  • Asine of Messenia
  • Asine of Laconia
  • Asine, a town on the island of Cyprus
  • Asine a town at Cilicia in Asia Minor

Birgitta L. Sjöberg, Asine and the Argolid in the Late Helladic III Period. A Socio-Economic Study. BAR International Series 1225. Oxford: 2004. ISBN 1-84171-590-5.


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