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Argilus (gr. Argilos), an ancient city in Macedonia , Bisaltia, located on the coast of the Strymonic Gulf, 4km from Amphipolis (c. 95 km east of Thessaloniki). It was founded in the 7th century BC (around 650 BC) by by settlers from the island of Andros together with three other colonies in Sane, Stageira and Acanthus in Chalkidice.

Argilos is mentioned by Herodotus and Thucydides

The city was destroyed by Philip II in 357 BC.

Herodotus Book 7 :

From the Strymon the army, proceeding westward, came to a strip of shore, on which there stands the Grecian town of Argilus. This shore, and the whole tract above it, is called Bisaltia.


Book 1

At last, it is said, the person who was going to carry to Artabazus the last letter for the King, a man of Argilus, once the favourite and most trusty servant of Pausanias, turned informer.

Book 4

The plot was carried on by some natives of Argilus, an Andrian colony, residing in Amphipolis, where they had also other accomplices gained over by Perdiccas or the Chalcidians. But the most active in the matter were the inhabitants of Argilus itself, which is close by, who had always been suspected by the Athenians, and had had designs on the place. These men now saw their opportunity arrive with Brasidas, and having for some time been in correspondence with their countrymen in Amphipolis for the betrayal of the town, at once received him into Argilus, and revolted from the Athenians, and that same night took him on to the bridge over the river; where he found only a small guard to oppose him, the town being at some distance from the passage, and the walls not reaching down to it as at present.

Book 5

Informed of this, Brasidas on his part took up a position of observation upon Cerdylium, a place situated in the Argilian country on high ground across the river, not far from Amphipolis,

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An ancient colony of Andros uncovered

Message to placate Zeus inscribed on still-grand ancient house at acropolis of Argilos

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