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Kalavasos (Greek : Καλαβασός ) is a community of the District of Larnaca located 6 km north of Zygi.

Kalavasos , Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Year Population
1946 1242
1960 1126
1982 655
1992 642
2001 644

Kalavasos , Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Cooper mines railway, Kalavasos , Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Kalavasos, Kalavasos, Kalavasos,

Panagia Titiotissa Church,

Kalavasos, Kalavasos,


Tenta or Kalavasos-Tenta is a neolithic settlement in Cyprus, 4 km south of Kalavasos in the Larnaca District. Tenta was discovered in 1947 by Pophyrios Dikaios, and was excavated by the British archaeologists Ian Todd from 1976 to 1984. Excavations were carried out each summer from 1976 though 1979, and a final summer season took place in 1984. The excavations were funded for the first four reasons by the National Science Foundation (USA).


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Kalavasos - Agios Dimitrios

Kalavasos water dam ( Source : Aspect of Cyprus)

Water Dam District Type Completed in Capacity (m3)
Kalavasos (Καλαβασός) Larnaca Rockfill 1985 17,100,000

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