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Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Chemical Engineering

Leonidas Zervas (Λεωνίδας Ζέρβας)(May 1902 Megalopoli Arkadia – July 1980), The Zervas Foundation ,

Dimitri Coucouvanis , Inorganic Chemistry synthesis of materials, important in enzymatic catalysis, discovery and use of metal complexes in medicine (cancer treatment)

Costas Kyriakos Nicolaou (Κυριάκος Νικολάου) (5.7.1946 Cyprus) chemical synthesis, molecular design and molecular recognition, and the biological actions of molecules 70 patents, Nagoya Medal of Organic Chemistry, Ernst Schering Prize, Linus Pauling Medal and many more awards. Will he get the first Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Cyprus? (http://www.in-cites.com/nobel/2003-nobel-chemistry.html ) (http://www.sciencewatch.com/july-aug98/science-watch_july-aug98_page1.htm) (The Nicolaou Group ) (Info), Ένας κορυφαίος Έλληνας χημικός

Paul Alivisatos ,(12.11.1959 Chicago/Illinois) The Alivisatos Group , Second in ESI List: Nanotechnology, Most Cited Authors

Emmanuel Giannelis , The Giannelis Group

George Christou , The Christou Group

Phaedon Avouris (Φαίδων Αβούρης) Nanotechnology IBM Nanometer Scale Science and Technology group , 1999 Feynman Prize (Info in Greek)

Spiros H. Anastasiadis (4.1.1961) John H. Dillon Medal

George Hadjipanayis

Nikos Hadjichristidis , 2004 PMSE FELLOWS , Vergina Star Copolymers

Mercuri Gregori Kanatzidis , Zero-expansion materials

Anastasios Varvoglis (Aναστάσιος Βάρβογλης), A Tribute (PDF File)

Gerasimos J. Karabatsos ,(17.5.1932 Chromatada Greece) applications of NMR spectroscopy to organic chemistry (Biography) A Tribute

Andreas Acrivos , Chemical Engineering, Rheology , A report , CV, The Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award

Paul T. Anastas, American of Greek Origin „Father of Green Chemistry (More Info)“

Nicholas A. Peppas, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (Info) The Peppas Laboratory

Christos G. Takoudis , Heterogeneous Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Microelectronic Materials and Processing, Advanced Materials Research Laboratory

Antony Beris flow processes, transport phenomena and flow-induced phase transitions in systems with a complex internal microstructure,

Sotiris E. Pratsinis , Particle Technology Laboratory , Patents 1988 Kenneth T. Whitby Award of the American Association of Aerosol Research, 1989 Presidential Young Investigator Award from the U.S. National Science Foundation, 1995 Marian Smoluchowski Award

Kosmas Prassides , Daiwa Adrian Prize Fullerenes and related materials

Doros Nicolas Theodorou , Chemical Engineering , Physical Chemistry

Athanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos

Nicholas D. Epiotis, author of Deciphering the Chemical Code, "clearly the work of a genius who has invested a great deal of effort in assimilating the available facts of structural chemistry...It should be influential in the long run (E.R. Davidson)“, Ripon's Own 'Zorba the Greek'

Nicholas Leventis (12.11.1957 Athens Greece) Aerogels Arthur K. Doolittle Award 1993

James C. Seferis, Polymers and Their Composites, Polynanomers, more than 400 publications, http://www.bedr.org/JCS/JCS.htm , Polymeric Composites Laboratory

George Georgiou National Academy of Engineering. Protein engineering, development of therapeutics to biological warfare agents, protein manufacturing technologies, and combinatorial library screening methodologies.

George Stephanopoulos Chemical Engineering, Chief Technology Officer, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Gregory (Greg) Stephanopoulos Chemical Engineering (brother of George Stephanopoulos) Stephanopoulos Group (Bioinformatics & Metabolic Engineering Laboratory)

Constantinos G. Vayenas , Department of Chemical Engineering University of Patras, Heterogeneous Catalysis and the role of Promoters, Electrocatalysis and Fuel Cells

Polymer Research: Georges Hadziioannou , Anastasios Dondos (Aναστάσιος Nτόντος), Dondos-Benoit equations

Andrew J. Lovinger, (born in Athens Greece), since 1966 in USA, Polymers Program Director, Division of Materials Research, NSF (National Science Foundation) , Personal webpage: http://www.geocities.com/ajlovinger

Nikos Tagmatarchis (1969) EURYI (European Young Investigators) award 2004 for the development of innovative materials with advanced functionality through chemical manipulation of carbon nanotubes. (Info PDF File) and (Cordis)

Dimitris Sakellariou 2004 Giulio Cesare Borgia Prize

Michael Tsapatsis , Camille Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award 1998


Themistocles P. Hadjioannou Emeritus Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Member of the Greek Academy of Sciences, Athens, Greece

Hellenic Green Chemistry Network

The Greek Legacy to Chemical Terminology

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