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Sally Polihronas

Sally Polihronas (born June 22, 1976) in born in Adelaide, is an Australian entertainer. She is a member of Australia's highest-selling female pop group Bardot and a solo recording artist.

Climb to fame

Sally Polihronas has been performing for 16 years. Born in Adelaide, Australia Sally started out taking Greek dancing lessons which her mother taught. She then went to the Johnny Young Talent School at the age of 11 and worked for Disney, modelled youth fashion parades and doing various forms of theatre. She has studied Tap, Jazz and Classical, and worked as a professional dancer in various shows from pantomimes to cabaret shows. She studied at The Dance Factory in Melbourne and performed overseas in cabaret shows. Her love of music also lead her to dancing in Clubs as a freestyler for five years developing all dance styles including Retro, Dance and R&B. Sally moved to Sydney 5 years ago and experienced huge success with the Girl Group Bardot. She has had success both in Australia and overseas Sally has certainly experienced the industry first hand with tours, recordings, film clips, media, television and all that comes with being Australia's biggest girl group. Bardot's self titled debut album reached double platinum sales in both Australia and New Zealand and Gold in many parts of Asia. The second album "Play it like that" also reached Gold status. As a singer songwriter Sally is currently working on her solo project and is looking forward to a release sometime this year.

Sally Polihronas

Bardot bandmates


Some of the events that Sally has been apart of are The ARIA's, MTV Music Awards, ASIA, Disney, CH V', Bardot Australian Tour, Bardot and Human Nature Australian tour, UK's SMTV, Live and kicking and Pepsi Live, Bollywood Film Awards, RUMBA, Mardi Gras, numerous television shows and tours in Singapore, Taiwan, Bangkok, Malaysia, India, East Timor, Japan, Manilla, Jakarta, New Zealand, UK and Scotland.


  • Favorite singers are: Tina Arena, Christina Aguilera, Regina Bell, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Madonna
  • She was the first pick (out of more than 10,000) from Popstars' judges.
  • She is of Greek Orthodox origins[1]
  • Has one sister and two brothers
  • Favorite Movie: Sabrina, starring Audrey Hepburn
  • Biggest Influences: Latino music like Gloria Esyefan and Jennifer Lopez
  • Currently resides in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



  • Bardot (2000) - #1 Australia (2xPlatinum), #1 Australasia, #1 NZ, #2 Singapore (Platinum)
  • Play It Like That (2001) - #16 Australia (Gold), #4 Australasia


  • Poison (2000) - #1(2) Australia (2xPlatinum), #1 Australasia#1 NZ, #4 Singapore, #45 UK,
  • I Should've Never Let You Go (2000) - #14 Australia (Gold), #1 Singapore (Gold), #4 Australasia
  • These Days (2000) - #19 Australia (Gold), #3 Australasia, #12 Singapore
  • A.S.A.P (2001) - #5 Australia (Gold), #1 Australasia
  • I Need Somebody (2001) - #5 Australia (Gold), #1 Australasia
  • Love Will Find A Way (2002) - #18 Australia, #4 Australasia


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