Petros Orologas (Greek: Πέτρος Ωρολογάς, 1892–1958) was a Greek journalist and newspaper publisher.[1] He was one of the most important personalities of the press in Thessaloniki during the period 1912-2012.[2]


Orologas was born in Korytsa, (present-day southern Albania) (Northern Epirus).[1] In 1920s he is found in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he became active as a journalist in the local press. From 1921 he was director of the newspaper Tαχυδρόμος Bορείου Eλλάδος (Messenger of Northern Greece), a post he retained together with his brother, Alexandros Orologas, until 1927.[2] The specific newspaper was politically oriented against Venizelism.[3][4] He also wrote as a columnist there.[2]

In 1938 Orologas was involved in a literary dispute with the progressive authors and journalists of the magazine "Μακεδονικές Ημέρες" (Macedonian Times), defending a conservative approach in literature.[5] Latter in 1939 he became one of the directors of the local newspaper "Απογευματινή" (Apogevmatini),[6] where he also wrote several articles, especially critics signing under the pen name "Vradynos".[2] He also wrote for several other newspapers published in Thessaloniki: "Μακεδονία" (Macedonia), "Εθνική" (National), "Φως" (Light) and "Νέοι Καιροί" (Modern Times).[2]


Orologas has been characterized as the "most spiritual and courageous form of the journalistic world" of his time in Greece.[7] His work included also critical essays related to the literary issues, while he also influenced contemporary Greek literary thought.[5]


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