Nymphodorus of Syraucse, Greek geographer and engineer (3rd century BC)


  • Journey along the coast of Asia , Describes the journey and story of Drimacus, a leader of slaves who revolted in Chios
  • On machines
  • On what is admirable in Sicily
  • Periplous

Cited by Athenaeus and Vitruvius.


Besides these, many of less celebrity have written precepts on proportions, as Nexaris, Theocydes, Demophilos, Pollis, Leonides, Silanion, Melampus, Sarnacus, and Euphranor. Many on mechanics, as Cliades, Archytas, Archimedes, Ctesibius, Nymphodorus, Philo Byzantius, Diphilus, Democles, Charidas, Polyidus, Phyros, Agesistratus. From the commentaries of these, what I thought useful I have thrown together, and that the more especially because I observe that on this branch the Greeks have published much, and our own countrymen very little.

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