Christina Onassis (Greek: Χριστίνα Ωνάση) (December 11, 1950 – November 19, 1988) was a shipping magnate [1] and the daughter of Aristotle Onassis and Athina Livanos.

Early life

Born in New York City, Onassis lost her entire immediate family within a period of 29 months. Her brother Alexander died in a plane crash in 1973 and her mother committed suicide in 1974. Her father's health had started to deteriorate after Alexander's death and he died in 1975. Alexander was the focus of her father's attention as his successor until his death, after which her father considered her his successor and began training her in the business operations of the Onassis business empire. She became very involved in the business operations of the Onassis shipping empire and successfully ran the business after her father's death.

Personal life

Onassis was married four times, all ending in divorces. Her first three husbands were southern California real estate developer Joseph Bolker (whom Christina was pressured by her father to divorce), Alexandros Andreadis and Sergei Kauzov. Her final marriage to Thierry Roussel produced her only child, daughter Athina Roussel. This marriage ended in divorce as well.


Christina Onassis died at the age of 37 of pulmonary edema at a country club near Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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