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Griechische Architekten. Apollodorus von Damaskus

...ἄπελθε καὶ τὰς κολοκύντας γράφε , the emperor Hadrian to Apollodorus

Apollodorus of Damascus, famous Greek-Roman-Syrian architect, engineer, designer and sculptor (around 2nd century AD). Apollodorus born in Damascus in Syria followed Trajan on the campaign in Dacia where he constructed bridges and machines of war. He was Rome's chief engineer under Trajan (98-117 AD) and Hadrian (117-138) until his banishment in AD 129. On the accession of Hadrian, whom he had offended ridiculing his performances as architect and artist, Apollodorus was banished and, shortly afterwards, being charged with imaginary crimes, put to death.


  • Military bridge over the Danube (AD 104), today remains of a bridge in Romania (Drobeta Turnu Severin)?

  • a gymnasium,

  • a college,

  • public baths,

  • The Odeum, and Forum Trajanum in Rome. The Trajan column in the center of the Forum is celebrated as being the first triumphal monument of its kind.

  • Trajan's Arch at Ancona and Hadrian's Temple of Venus and Rome.

  • Basilica Ulpia?

A prominent figure of his time, he worked on several important commission within Rome. Although his name has often been incorrectly attached to buildings that he did not design, he was responsible for many great works of his time. As one of the few known architects to design during the period between the architecture of Vitruvius and Brunelleschi, he has received much attention.


Apollodorus wrote a treatise on "Engines of War" which survives.

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