Anaxandrides of Rhodes / Cameirus (Αναξανδρίδης), the son of Anaxander (from Cameirus Rhodes), Middle comedy poet,

Mentioned by Aristotle, author of 65 comedies (half of the titles and fragment of his work are known) . He gained ten prizes.

Anaxandrides produced plays from Olympiad 101, onward (Suidas' favourite epoch for these poets). He was reputed a man of rich and splendid life, as well as of a contemptuous and haughty temper, who destroyed his works when they were not successful. He was the author of sixty-five pieces. Aristotle frequently quotes him, and he is said to have first introduced the Parthenon Phthorai, so common in New Comedy. This invention is, however, also ascribed to Aristophanes. Anaxandrides is also said to have composed dithyrambs.



Aristotle Rhetoric Book 3

There is also the iambic line of Anaxandrides about the way his daughters put off marrying—

My daughters’ marriage-bonds are overdue.

Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics Book 7

And thus the incontinent man like a city which passes all the right decrees and has good laws, but makes no use of them, as in Anaxandrides’ jesting remark,

The city willed it, that cares nought for laws;
but the wicked man is like a city that uses its laws, but has wicked
laws to use.

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