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The Trojan horse of Odysseus, Burial Pithos, c. 670 BC, Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, Greece, actually the Trojan story is not a story of the Iliad.


The blinding of the Cyclops Polyphemos. Polyphemos (or Polyphemus) was a Cyclops who lived in Sicily but was hostile to men after he failed to win the love of Galatea the sister of Thetis with songs and poems. Proto-Attic amphora 670-660 BC found at Eleusis, Archaeological Museum of Eleusis, Greece


Odysseus escapes from the cave of Polyphemus


Odysseus' ship passing the Sirens. The hero has been tied to the mast so that he can hear their beautiful songs. Painting on an Athenian jar in the British Museum; late 6th/early 5th century BC. Sierra Leone issued another block in the serie 'Fantasy of the Seas' with Odysseus, bound to the mast.


Image of the entire scence

Sophocles was an actor two times : a) as the blind old Thamyris playing on the harp, b) in “Nausikaa.” a work lost. In a scene of the Odyssey Nausiakaa with her maidens meets on the sea-shore the naked Odysseus. Sophocles dressed in women’s clothes prepresented one of the maidens of Nausikaa playing ball.

Odysseus meets Nausikaa who maybe is surprised that he is naked and almost is to run away. In the center Athena the goddess. Athenian red-figure clay vase about 475-425 BC. Munich Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek: Description , Images (Perseus)


Odysseus killing the suitors of his wife Penelope, Attic red-figure skyphos, c. 440 BC, from Tarquinia, by the Penelope Painter, Berlin Staatliche Museen

mnestrophonia : mnester = suitor; phonos = slaughter, killing

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