The Pleiad Electra (/ɪˈlɛktrə/; Greek: Ἠλέκτρα, Ēlektra "amber", "shining," and "bright.") of Greek mythology was one of the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione. Electra was the wife of Corythus, to whom she bore Iasion. She was seduced by Zeus and gave birth to Dardanus.[1] One author claim that Dardanus' real father was Corythus.[2]


According to one legend, she was the lost Pleiad, disappearing in grief after the destruction of Troy. She was called Atlantis by Ovid, personifying the family of Pleiades.
Family tree


Trojan race

Oceanus Tethys
Atlas Pleione Scamander Idaea Simoeis
Zeus/Jupiter Electra Teucer
Dardanus Batea
Ilus Erichthonius Astyoche
Callirrhoe Tros
Ilus Ganymede Assaracus Hieromneme
Laomedon Themiste Capys
Priam Anchises Aphrodite/Venus Latinus
Creusa of Troy Aeneas Lavinia
Ascanius Silvius
Silvius Aeneas Silvius
Brutus of Britain Latinus Silvius
Tiberinus Silvius
Romulus Silvius
Numitor Amulius
Ares/Mars Rhea Silvia
Hersilia Romulus Remus

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130 Elektra, asteroid


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Lactantius, Divine Institutes 1.23 "But according to some authorities, Dardanus and Iasius were sons of Coritus, not of Jupiter. For if it had been so, Jupiter could not have formed that unchaste connection with Ganymede, his own descendant."


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