In Greek mythology, Azan (Ancient Greek: Ἀζᾶν) may refer to the following personages:

Azan, king of Azania in Arcadia and the son of King Arcas and the Dryad Erato,[1] brother of Apheidas, Elatus and Hyperippe. Azan was the father of Cleitor and Coronis, mother of Asclepius by Apollo.[2] When Azan and his brothers grew up, their father Arcas divided the land between them into three parts: Azan received the district which was named after him, to Apheidas fell Tegea and Elatus got Mount Cyllene, which down to that time had received no name.[3] When Azan died, the first funeral games in history were held in his honor.[4] It was at these games that Aetolus accidentally killed Apis.[5] Azan's heir to the throne was his son Cleitor but he was childless, thus succeeded by Aepytus, son of Elatus.[6]
Azan, husband of Hippolyte, daughter of Dexamenus, who was threatened with violence by the Centaur Eurytion.[7]


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