In Greek mythology, Asteria (/əˈstɪəriə/; Ancient Greek: Ἀστερία, "of the stars, starry one") was a name attributed to the following eleven individuals:

Asteria, a Titaness.[1]
Asteria or Astris, daughter of Helios and Clymene[2] or Ceto,[3] one of the Heliades.[4] She married the river god Hydaspes (the modern Jhelum River) and became mother of Deriades, king in India.
Asteria, one of the Danaïdes, daughters of Danaus who, with one exception, murdered their husbands on their wedding nights. She was, briefly, the bride of Chaetus.[5]
Asteria, one of the Alcyonides, daughters of the giant Alcyoneus. She was the sister of Alkippe, Anthe, Drimo, Pallene, Methone and Phthonia (Phosthonia or Chthonia).[6] When their father Alcyoneus was slain by Heracles, these girls threw themselves into the sea from Kanastraion, which is the peak of Pellene. They were then transformed into halcyons (kingfishers) by the goddess Amphitrite.[7]
Asteria, daughter of Hydeus, was the mother of Hydissos by Bellerophon. Her son is known for having founded a city in Caria which was named after him.[8]
Asteria, daughter of Coronus, and Apollo were possible parents of the seer Idmon.[9]
Asteria[10] or Asterodia,[11] mother of Crisus and Panopeus by Phocus.
Asteria, daughter of Teucer and Eune of Cyprus.[12]
Asteria, the ninth Amazon killed by Heracles when he came for Hippolyte's girdle.[13]
Asteria, an Athenian maiden who was one of the would-be sacrificial victims of Minotaur, portrayed in a vase painting.[14]

Christoph Willibald Gluck gave the name Asteria to one of the characters in his 1765 opera Telemaco, though the name did not appear in Homer's Odyssey on which the opera was based.

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