Everything was the song chosen by Greece as its entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens.

At Eurovision

It finished in 9th position with 128 points. The song is an anthemic ballad sung in English by Anna Vissi, who is an established performer in Greece and her home country, Cyprus, and who has represented both countries previously in the Contest.

The song was performed sixteenth on the night (following the United Kingdom's Daz Sampson with Teenage Life and preceding Finland's Lordi with Hard Rock Hallelujah). Unusually - particularly in comparison to other Contest entries - it was performed solo by Vissi, without the presence of backing singers or dancers.

Lyrically, the song deals with Vissi's conflicted emotions on ending a relationship. She sings that she is "still in love with everything I hate".

After Eurovision

The song has had a successful commercial release in Greece and in Cyprus, becoming a number 1 hit in both countries. It has also achieved success in Sweden, reaching number 26 during the week of August 10th, 2006.

The video for Everything has a 'heartbreak' theme in keeping with the tone of the song and features the artist discovering her partner's infidelity and suffering a series of misfortunes before being reconciled with him.

Contest position

22 countries voted for Greece:

  • Bulgaria 12
  • Cyprus 12
  • Belgium 10
  • Romania 10
  • Albania 8
  • Armenia 8
  • Germany 8
  • Malta 8
  • FYR Macedonia 7
  • United Kingdom 7
  • Serbia & Montenegro 6
  • France 5
  • Netherlands 5
  • Switzerland 5
  • Sweden 4
  • Turkey 4
  • Lithuania 3
  • Belarus 2
  • Andorra 1
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina 1
  • Finland 1
  • Moldova 1

Chart Position

chart peak position weeks weeks on chart label Status

IFPI-Greece Top 50 single chart 1 3 12 Sony BMG Greece Gold

Cypriot Singles charts 1 4 20 Sony BMG Greece represented by All Records Company -

Sweden Top 60 Singles Charts 26 1 8 Sony BMG Sweden


One Greek politician criticised the video clip as "defamatory to Greece" in a speech in the European Parliament. The theme of the video clip is that the protagonist has a night full of troubles while wandering in Athens.

The video clip's protagonist, played by the singer, discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her. She leaves the hotel, kicks parked cars and leaves. Her purse is stolen out of her convertible by a thief on a motorbike, and she leaves a gas station without paying to chase after him. She is then pursued by the police and arrested, but escapes and hitchhikes a lorry the driver of which feels her leg. Resembling a road movie, the clip was criticized for displaying negativity with regards to Greece.

According to the politician, the video harmed the country's reputation in the eyes of future tourists, and that was reason enough for the European Parliament to hold an inquiry on the matter. No such inquiry has been planned or undertaken at the time of writing.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 entry
Country Greece
Artist(s) Anna Vissi
Language English
Composer(s) Nikos Karvelas
Lyricist(s) Anna Vissi
Place 9th
Points 128
Lyrics from Diggiloo Thrush
Video Clip

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