Reconstructions of the "Plataean Tripod" in Delphi

The Greeks in common dedicated from the spoils taken at the battle of Plataea a gold tripod set on a bronze serpent. The bronze part of the offering is still preserved, but the Phocian leaders did not leave the gold as they did the bronze.

Pausanias 10.13.9

...and it was remembered that he had taken upon himself to have inscribed on the tripod at Delphi, which was dedicated by the Hellenes as the first-fruits of the spoil of the Medes, the following couplet:--

The Mede defeated, great Pausanias raised
This monument, that Phoebus might be praised.


The Greeks, taking a tenth part of the spoils, made a gold tripod and set it up in Delphi as a thank-offering to the God, inscribing on it the following couplet:

This is the gift the saviours of far-flung Hellas upraised here,
Having delivered their states from loathsome slavery's bonds.

Diodorus Siculus.

The Serpentine Column

The Pillar was taken later to Constantinople by the byzantine Emperor Constantine and placed in the Hippodrome

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