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Cups: Kylix A,B,C

A kylix (or cylix, plural kylixes or kylikes) is a type of wine-drinking cup with a broad relatively shallow body raised on a stem from a foot and usually with two handles disposed symmetrically. The almost flat interior circle on the interior base of the cup, called the tondo, was the primary surface for painted decoration in the Black-figure or Red-figure styles of the 6th and 5th century B.C. As the representations would be covered with wine, the scenes would only be revealed in stages as the wine was drained. They were often designed with this in mind, with scenes created so that they would surprise or titilate the drinker as they were revealed.

Kylix by Euerdiges (circa 500 BC) in the British Museum, London (Source)

Laconian Kylix

Laconian Kylix, Rider, BM B1

Because the primary use for the kylix was at a symposium- a "drinking party", or symposion in Greek - in the ancient Greek world, they are often decorated with scenes of a humorous, light-hearted, or sexual nature. Dionysos, the god of wine, and his satyrs are common subjects. Scenes of love or orgies are also often depicted.

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