The Lamian war (323–322 BC) was a war in Greece between Athens, along with her allied city-states in mainland Greece, against Macedonian supreme rule and Antipater, regent in Macedonia and Greece. It was the last war in which the Athenians played a central part, and after they were defeated, Athenians lost their independence.

The revolt started after the news of Alexander the Great's death in Babylon reached Greece. Athens was incited to begin this war by the speeches of Leosthenes and Hyperides. Joined by cities in central and northern Greece, the Athenians defeated Antipater in battle. They forced him to take refuge in Lamia, where he was besieged for several months by the Greek allies.

After being relieved by forces led by Leonnatus, Antipater was eventually able to move from Lamia and return to Macedonia. There, reinforced by the arrival by sea of Craterus' troops, he engaged the allies at the Battle of Crannon (5 September 322 BC) in Thessaly. That battle was a complete victory for Antipaterand soon after, Demosthenes committed suicide by poison, and Hyperides was killed on Antipater's orders.

The outcome of the war was the suppression, for the moment, of Greek resistance to Macedonian domination. The Lamian War was concurrent with revolts in Cappadocia and the eastern domains of the empire, put down by Perdiccas and Eumenes, and Peithon, respectively.

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