Macedon (also sometimes known as Macedonia) was an ancient kingdom in the present-day territory of northern Greece, inhabited by Dorian Greeks. It emerged into prominence in the 4th Century BC when King Philip II conquered the Greek city-states. Philip's son, Alexander the Great, conquered the Persian Empire a few years later. The Kingdom of Macedon itself soon lost direct control of these vast Asian territories, but it retained its hegemony over Greece itself until defeated by the Roman Republic in the Macedonian Wars (215 - 148 BC).

Argead Dynasty




Perdiccas I 700-678 BC

Argaeus I 678-640 BC

Philip I 640-602 BC

Aeropus I 602-576 BC

Alcetas I 576-547 BC

Amyntas I 547-498 BC

Alexander I 498-454 BC

Perdiccas II 454-413 BC

Archelaus 413-399 BC

Craterus 399 BC

Orestes 399-396 BC

Archelaus II 396-393 BC

Amyntus II 393 BC

Pausanias 393 BC

Amyntas III 393 BC

Argaeus II 393-392 BC

Amyntas III (restored) 392-370 BC

Alexander II 370-368 BC

Ptolemy I 368-365 BC

Perdiccas III 365-359 BC

Amyntas IV 359-356 BC

Philip II 359-336 BC

Alexander III (the Great) 336-323 BC

Antipater, Regent of Macedon 334-319 BC

Philip III Arrihadeus 323-317 BC

Alexander IV 323-310 BC

Perdiccas, Regent of Macedon 323-321 BC

Antipater, Regent of Macedon 321-319 BC

Polyperchon, Regent of Macedon 319-317 BC

Cassander, Regent of Macedon 317-306 BC

Antipatrid Dynasty

Cassander 306-297 BC

Philip IV 297-296 BC

Alexander V 297-294 BC

Antipater II 296-294 BC

Antigonid Dynasty

Demetrius I Poliorcetes 294-288 BC

Lysimachus (divided with Pyrrhus of Epirus) 288-281 BC

Pyrrhus of Epirus (divided with Lysimachus) 288-285 BC

Ptolemy II Ceraunus 281-279 BC

Meleager 279 BC

Antipater II Etesias 279 BC

Sosthenes (Army Commander) 279-277 BC

Antigonus II Gonatas 277-274 BC

Pyrrhus of Epirus (restored) 274-272 BC

Antigonus II Gonatas (restored) 272-239 BC

Demetrius II Aetolicus 239-229 BC

Antigonus III Doson 229-221 BC

Philip V 221-179 BC

Perseus 179-168 BC

After Perseus's defeat at the Battle of Pydna in 168 BC, Macedon was divided into four republics under Roman domination. In 150 BC, a man named Andriscus claimed to be the son of Perseus, and claimed the throne of Macedon as Philip VI. This led to the Fourth Macedonian War, in which Andriscus was defeated by the Romans, and Macedon annexed to Rome in 148 BC.

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