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Abdera Theater

Aepion Theater, Elis, Skilounta municipality

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Aigeira Theater

Aigina Theater

Akra Theater

Ambrakia Theater

Amphiaraeion Theater

Andros Theater

Anemourion Theater

Theater , Argos

Argos Theater

Cassope Theater

Caveirion Theater

Chaeronea Theater

Corinth Theater

Delos Theater


Delphi Theater with the Greek actor Veakis in Oedipus Tyrant of Sophocles

Demetrias Theater

Dion Theater


Theater of Dionysus


Dodona Theater, the Greek actor Nezer in Wasps of Aristophanes


Maria Callas in Epidaurus, the theater designed by Polykleitos, c. 330 BC, 14000 seats at a sacread area of Asklepios

Elis, Theater

Epidaurus Theater, designed by Polykleitos the Younger, c. 360 BC, 14000 seats at a sacread area of Asklepios [ Source]

Hephaestia, Theater, Lemnos

Eretria, Theater

Ithmia Theater

Kos, Roman amphitheater [Source}

Lindos (Rhodos) Theater


Mantineia Theater , Another Image


Megalopolis Theater

Megara Theater

Melos (or Milos) Theater

Messene Theater

Mytilene Theater


Orchomenus, Theater

Orchomenus Theater

Oropos Theater

Patras Theater

The Roman Odeon of Patras [Source]


The Greek actress Papadaki in Hecabe of Euripides, Philippoi Theater

Philippoi (or Philippi) Theater

Piraeus Theater

Pleuron Theater

Salamis Theater

Samos Theater

Sicyon Theatre

Sparta Theater

Stratos Amphitheater

Stratos Theater

Tanagra Theater

Thassos Theater

Thera Theater


Thorikos Theater

Thorikos Theater

Vergina Theater


Even after almost 2000 years the Herodes Atticus Theater (Odeon) is used in Athens (capacity up to 5000 people). It is at the south-west of the Acropolis of Athens. It was built c. 161 AD and probably was covered with a roof.

Images of the Herodes Atticus Odeon: (1) , (2) , (3)

Alexander, the tyrant of Pherae (this last should be his only appellation; he should not be permitted to disgrace the name of Alexander), as he watched a tragic actor, felt himself much moved to pity through enjoyment of the acting. He jumped up, therefore, and left the theatre at a rapid pace, exclaiming that it would be a dreadful thing, if, when he was slaughtering so many citizens, he should be seen to weep over the sufferings of Hecuba and Polyxena. And he came near visiting punishment upon the actor because the man had softened his heart, as iron in the fire. Plutarch, Moralia: "On the Fortune of Alexander."

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