Temenos of Apollon, Delphi

Temenos of Apollon in Delphi by P. de la Coste-Messelière, 1936

I Peripteral temple; in the center of the Sanctuary of Apollo. c. 366 /326 BC

II Theater

III Treasury of the Sikyonians Summary: Rectangular hall; in the Sanctuary of Apollo, on the western side of the Sacred Way, after the 1st turn in the road, across from the Treasury of the Knidians (XXV).

IV Treasury of the Siphnians

VI Treasury of the Thebans

V Treasury of the Megarians

VII Treasury of the Boeotians

VIII Treasury of the Potidaians

XI Treasury of the Athenians

XII Treasury of the Aeolians

XIII Treasury of the Cyreneans , c. 350 BC

XIV Prytaneion

XXIV Treasury of the Corinthians

XXV Treasury of the Cnidians

XXVI Bouleuterion , 600 to 500 BC

4 Monument of the Admirals?, Spartan Victory in Aegospotami, dedicated by Lysander

8 Exedra of the Epigones

9 Exedra of the Kings of Argos

38 , Stoa of Attalos I, 241 / 223 BC

40 Daochos Monument, dedicated by Daochos II of Pharsala.

45 Lesche of the Cnidians, c.450 BC

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