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Naxos was founded in Sicily by the Chalcidians on the Euripus. Of the city not even the ruins are now to be seen, and that the name of Naxos has survived to after ages must be attributed to Tisander, the son of Cleocritus. He won the men's boxing-match at Olympia four times; he had the same number of victories at Pytho, but at this time neither the Corinthians nor the Argives kept complete records of the victors at Nemea and the Isthmus. Pausanias

Naxos Sicily Tetradrachm, Head of Dionysus, Silenus with a drinking cup, Greek Text "NAXION" 461/450 BC

Naxos Sicily Stater, Head of Apollo, Silenus with drinking cup, Greek Text Naxion, 413/404 BC

Giardini Naxos is a municipality in Messina province on the island of Sicily in Italy. Naxos, founded in 734 B.C., was the first Greek colony in Sicily. Founded by Thucles the Chalcidian in 734 B.C., it was never a powerful city, but its temple of Apollo Archegetes, protecting deity of all the Greek colonies, gave it prominence in religious affairs. Leontini and Catania were both colonized from here. Hippocrates, tyrant of Gela, captured it in 494 B.C. Its opposition to Syracuse ultimately led to its capture and destruction in 403 B.C. at the hands of Dionysius the tyrant, after it had supported Athens during that city's disastrous Sicilian Expedition. Though the site continued to be inhabited, most activity shifted to neighbouring Tauromenium.

Naxos, Magna Graecia Tetradrachma,

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