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Periphery:West Greece, Peloponnese
Prefecture : Achaea, Elis

Mount Erymanthos , view from Achaia (Source)

Erymanthos or Olonos,

is a mountain in the boundary between Achaia and Elis (Ilia) prefecture. Its main axis is directed NW, of the many peaks the top is at Olenos with 2224 m in Achaia. It it the fourth highest mountain of the Peloponnese. Other peaks: Mougila (2169 m), Profitis Ilias (2124m), Pyrgakos (2050m) , Neraidovouni (1923 m), Psili Tourla (1891 m), Lepida (1541), Melissovouni (1464 m) and Agios Athanasios (1219 m). It is the source of the rivers Pineios, Selinous, Erymanthos, Peiros ,Parapeiros, etc. It is in the protected areas "NATURA 2000".


Heracles and the Erymanthian boar, BM B213

According to mythology it was named after a relative of Lycaon who was called Erymanthos.

Here Heracles captured the Erymanthian boar

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