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Administrative Region : Attica
Regional unit : North Athens

Melissia (Greek: Μελίσσια), is a suburb in the northeastern part of Athens, Greece. The origin of the name comes from its beehives. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Penteli, of which it is the seat and a municipal unit.[1]

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Melissia was first widely populated by Greek refugees coming from Asia Minor after their persecution by Turkish forces in 1922, and the region was renowned for its healthy climate, full of sanitariums for those who suffered from tuberculosis. Melissia is accessed by Attiki Odos (number 6) to the south, Kifissias Avenue to the west and Pentelis Avenue (the road to Penteliko Mountain) to the east. This Municipality seats on the roots of Penteliko Mountain; the Athenian plain lies to the southwest. Its main streets are A. Papandreou Avenue leading to the south Vrilissia, K. Karamanlis Street leading to Kifissia, and Dimokratias Avenue leading to Amarousion.

The area around Melissia is made up of residential areas, except parts of Nea Penteli and the northern part, which are made up of forests. A majority of the forests on the back side of Penteli Mountain (not the side of the mountain facing Melissia), as well as part of the forest on the side facing Melissia were destroyed by the devastating fires in late August 2007.

Until the early 1940s, Melissia was mostly uninhabited. The area was used mainly for beekeeping (from where it got its name). In the same era, two Sanatoriums where operating in the area. The first inhabitants arrived in Melissia in the early 1940s and consisted mainly of Greek refuges from Pontos and Asia Minor. Since 1946, Melissia are an independent community and later became an independent Municipality. In the beginning of 1980's, the population growth boomed reaching a vast 64,96%.

Today Melissia the population is more than 25,000. It has six preliminary schools, two high schools (Greek "Gymnasium"), one lyceum, banks, a post office, a modern municipal swimming-pool, and a few public squares (plateies).

Historical population
Melissia Main Square
Year Population
1981 8,639
1991 13,469
2001 19,526

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^ Kallikratis law Greece Ministry of Interior (Greek)

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