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Periphery:West Greece
Prefecture : Elis

Krounoi (pronounced KROO-nee, Κρουνοί) or Krouni, rarely Crouni and Cruni, in Greece, formerly known as Risovo, was a thriving community of more than 1,000 inhabitants until the earthquake of 1967. It is located in the prefecture of Ilia in the western part of the municipality of Skillounta and is part of the department of Kallikomo. It is located slightly east of GR-9 (Pyrgos – Kyparissia) by a small road. Krounoi is located southeast of Pyrgos, south of Olympia, northwest of Andritsaina and Megalopoli and north of Kyparissia and GR-9.

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Before the earthquake, Krounoi had seven restaurants and bars, a bakery, a grocery, a newspaper stand, and a school. A travelling film projectionist came twice a week. The population in 1991 was 155; it had fallen to 105 in 2001, and is still slowly declining.

Nearest places

  • Kallikomo, west
  • Ladiko
  • Krestena east-southeast



  • Longitude: 21.617 (21°37'2") E
  • Latitude: 37.59 (37°35'34") N

Postal code: 270 55

Elevation: 100 m

Dialing code: +11+30-26250 (030-26250)


There are farmlands and groves to the west and hills to the north and southeast, with forests are further south. The town is known for its spring water; a spring existed there during Homeric times.

During the Greek military dictatorship, a plan was put into effect to merge Krounoi and Ladiko into one village. The inhabitants of Krounoi were offered real estate to induce them to move to Kallikomo. Most of them did so, but some returned after the years of dictatorship. Many others sold their plots with the old stone houses.

Today, there is only a single cafe in Krounoi, and no other facilities. Krounoi has an historic church dedicated to Saint Panteleimon. Besides Greeks, other European nationalities live in the village today, some of whom live there permanently. Much of the villagers live on small, rural farm plots. The main products are vegetables , olives, olive oil, honey, raisins, and wine.


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