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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Arkadia

Alonistaina (Greek: Αλωνίσταινα) is a village located in the municipal unit of Falanthos in the west central part of Arcadia, Greece. Alonistaina is accessed via a road linking Stemnitsa and Tripoli. It is located south of Vytina, 25 km west of Tripoli, north of Megalopoli, about 15 km east of Stemnitsa and about 20 to 25 km south east of Dimitsana. Alonistaina is one of the highest villages in all of Arcadia and the Peloponnese.



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Postal code: 221 00
Elevation: 1,220 m
Dialing code: +11+30-2710 (030-2710)-36, 43 and 63

Alonistaina. (costas78, 19-7-2008)

Alonistaina is situated in a valley area near a creek. The mountains surround the villages and the most of the land is forested with Greek Fir and European Black Pine, while parts of the area have a few crops along the village. Parts of the area have grasslands, mainly to the south. The Mainalo mountain lies to the north, other mountains lie to the south.

Historical population
Year Population
1981 137
1991 148
2001 117

The population prior to the late-20th century was entirely rural. Today, farmers are the minority of the population of the settlement.


Alonistaina has a school, a church (Agia Paraskevi), a square (plateia) and three hotels: Theoxenia, Plataniti and Alonistena.

Pavements and electricity did not arrive until the mid to late 20th century.
Notable people

Birthplace of Zambia Kolokotroni-Kotsaki, mother of Theodoros Kolokotronis, a general in the Greek War of Independence.

Birthplace of Theodoras Tourkovasilis, politician.[1].

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Arcadia website (Greek)

Coordinates: 37.626°N 22.221°E

^ Επίτομο Γεωγραφικό Λεξικό της Ελλάδος (Geographical Dictionary of Greece), Μιχαήλ Σταματελάτος, Φωτεινή Βάμβα-Σταματελάτου, εκδ. Ερμής, ΑΘήνα 2001

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