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Administrative Region : Attica
Regional unit : West Athens

Aigaleo or Aegaleo, or Egaleo (Greek: Αιγάλεω) is a municipality west of Athens, Greece, situated west of the Cephissos river and southeast of Mount Egaleo. Its population was 74,046 at the 2001 census, and one quarter of the municipality is industrialized, mainly to the east where the Cephissus valley is located, and is connected as the Athens Industrial Area.

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The municipal park of Egaleo, Athens

A former name for Egaleo Community was "Nees Kidonies", before becoming a Municipality in 1941, during German occupation. Most of its citizens are workers[CN], and the city's soccer team is Egaleo FC, while its city newspaper since 1985 shares the city's name, known as Aigaleo. This area used to be the seat of Western Attica, and the city's present mayor is Christos Kardaras. The community is served by a subway station sharing the name Egaleo; about 1/4 of its area is taken up by factory developments, and one of the biggest problems for this locality in recent decades has been traffic congestion[CN].

Historical population
Year Population
1940 17,686 (community)
1951 29,464
1961 57,840
1971 79,961
1981 81,906
1991 78,563
2001 74,046


Athanasios Papadopoulos (First president of the Community "Nees Kidonies")
Giorgos Kourousis
Ioannis Batzakidis (1944)
Aggelos Kouvelos (1947–49)
Apostolos Stigas (1951–54)
Stavros Mavrothalassitis (1955–67, 1974–78)
Orfeas Tzanetopoulos (appointed by the military government, 1967–74)
Panos Spiliopoulos (1979–86, 1991–94)
Ioannis Mistakopoulos (1987–90, 1995–2002)
Dimitris Kalogeropoulos (2003–2010)
Christos Kardaras (present)


Kato Egaleo
Neo Egaleo
Agios Spyridonas
Agios Georgios


Rita Abatzi (1914 in Smyrna, Asia Minor, now İzmir, Turkey - June 17, 1969), a Greek musician
Keti Garbi, Greek singer
Tassos Halkias, Greek actor
Sophia Strati, Greek singer
Giorgos Zampetas, Greek musician
Eleni Rantou, Greek actor
Lakis Halkias, Greek musician
Kostas Prekas, Greek actor
Ioannis Dimaras, Greek politician & journalist
Nasos Athanasiou, Greek journalist
Giorgos Messalas, Greek actor
Danis Katranidis, Greek actor
Alexandros Asonitis, Greek writer
Theofilos Verikios, Greek writer
Giorgos Blanas, Greek writer
Nikolaos Mihiotis, Greek writer

Football teams

Egaleo FC
A.E. Egaleo City
A.S. Diagoras Dryopideon
A.P.O. Ierapolis
A.P.O. Orfeas
A.O. Cronos

Basketball teams

Egaleo BC

International relations
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Twin towns — Sister cities

Egaleo is twinned with:

Italy Reggio Calabria, Italy
Spain Leganés (Comunidad de Madrid), Spain


"Τέχνης έργα και πρόσωπα του Αιγάλεω" (Published by the Municipality of Egaleo)
"Εξήντα χρόνια τοπική αυτοδιοίκηση στο Αιγάλεω" (Nikolaos Mihiotis)
"Απ' τις Νέες Κυδωνίες στο Δήμο Αιγάλεω" (Eugenia Bournova)

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