Writing and the Origins of Greek Literature, Barry B. Powell

Homer : Iliad, Stanley Lombardo

Homer : The essential Odyssey. Stanley Lombardo

The bow and the lyre: a Platonic reading of the Odyssey, Seth Benardete

The wrath of Athena: gods and men in the Odyssey, Jenny Strauss Clay

The art of the Odyssey, Howard W. Clarke

Plot and point of view in the Iliad, Robert J. Rabel

CliffsNotes on Homer's The Iliad, Bob Linn

A new companion to Homer, Ian Morris, Barry B. Powell

Homer, Blackwell Introduction to the classical world, Barry B. Powell

Nature and culture in the Iliad: the tragedy of Hector, James M. Redfield

Homeric Soundings: The Shaping of the Iliad, Oliver Taplin

The Homeric hymns, Michael Crudden

The Tradition of the Trojan War in Homer and the Epic Cycle, Jonathan S. Burgess

The fall of Troy in early Greek poetry and art, Michael John Andersond

The anger of Achilles: mēnis in Greek epic, Leonard Charles Muellner

The argument of the action: essays on Greek poetry and philosophy, Seth Benardete, Ronna Burger, Michael Davis

The Sappho Companion, Margaret Reynolds

Sappho's immortal daughters, Margaret Williamson

Simonides: a historical study, John H. Molyneux

Nothing to do with Dionysos?: Athenian drama in its social context, John J. Winkler

Sophocles, Four tragedies : Ajax, Women of Trachis, Electra, Philoctetes. Peter Meineck

Euripides: Electra, Phoenician Women, Bacchae, Iphigenia at Aulis. Cecelia Eaton Luschnig, Paul Woodruff

The Electra plays, Aeschylus, Euripides, Sophocles

Aeschylus, Michael Lloyd

Aeschylus : Persians and other plays. Christopher Collard

Aeschylus: Prometheus bound, Paul Roche

Wagner and Aeschylus: the Ring and the Oresteia, Michael Ewans

Female Acts in Greek Tragedy, Helene P. Foley

The captive woman's lament in Greek tragedy, Casey Dué

The Cambridge companion to Greek tragedy, P. E. Easterling

Greek Tragedy in Action, Oliver Taplin

Reading Greek tragedy, Simon Goldhill

Aristophanes and the Definition of Comedy, M. S. Silk

Comic business: theatricality, dramatic technique, and performance contexts of Aristophanic comedy, Martin Revermann

Cratinus and the art of comedy, Emmanuela Bakola

Eupolis, poet of old comedy, Ian Christopher Storey

Broken laughter: select fragments of Greek comedy, S. Douglas Olson

Pindar: Nemean odes, Isthmian odes, fragments

Pindar, The complete odes, Anthony Verity,Stephen Instone

Pindar: Odes for Victorious Athletes, Anne Pippin Burnett

A commentary on Pindar Olympian nine, Douglas E. Gerber

Pindar's poetry, patrons, and festivals: from archaic Greece to the Roman Empire, Simon Hornblower, Catherine Morgan

Thucydides and Pindar: historical narrative and the world of Epinikian poetry, Simon Hornblower

Lying and poetry from Homer to Pindar: falsehood and deception in archaic Greek Poetisc, Louise H. Pratt

Chariton of Aphrodisias and the invention of the Greek love novel, Stefan Tilg

Hesperos: studies in ancient Greek poetry presented to M. L. West on his Seventieth Birthday, Patrick Finglass, Nicholas James Richardson

Medea Study Guide

The poetics of eros in Ancient Greece, Claude Calame,Janet Lloyd

Arion's lyre: archaic lyric into Hellenistic poetry, Benjamin Acosta-Hughes

A guide to Hellenistic literature, Kathryn J. Gutzwiller

A companion to Hellenistic literature, James J. Clauss, Martine Cuypers

Tradition and innovation in Hellenistic poetry, Marco Fantuzzi, Richard L. Hunter

The new Posidippus: a Hellenistic poetry book, Kathryn J. Gutzwiller

Theocritus, Encomium of Ptolemy Philadelphus. Richard L. Hunter

Time in ancient Greek literature, Irene J. F. de Jong, René Nünlist

Two novels from ancient Greece: Chariton's Callirhoe and Xenophon of Ephesos . Stephen Trzaskoma

Collected Ancient Greek Novels . B. P. Reardon

Ancient Greek Epigrams: Major Poets in Verse Translation, Gordon L. Fain

Women poets in ancient Greece and Rome, Ellen Greene

Greek epigram in the Roman Empire: Martial's forgotten rivals, Gideon Nisbet

Greek Epigrams, John William Mackail

Collected Papers, A M Dale

Lyric Metres of Greek Drama, A. M. Dale

The meters of Greek and Latin poetry, James W. Halporn, Martin Ostwald, Thomas G. Rosenmeyer


Victorian Sappho, Yopie Prins

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