Public organization in ancient Greece: a documentary study

Burial and Ancient Society, The rise of the Greek city-state

What Democracy Meant to the Greeks

Greek realities: life and thought in ancient Greece, Finley Hooper

Life and letters in the ancient Greek world, John Victor Muir

Constructions of childhood in ancient Greece and Italy, Ada Cohen, Jeremy B. Rutter

Women in ancient Greece, Sue Blundell

Women in the Athenian Agora, Susan I. Rotroff, Robert Lamberton, American School of Classical Studies at Athens

The Athenian woman: an iconographic handbook, Sian Lewis

An ancient shopping center: the Athenian Agora, Dorothy B. Thompson

The reign of the phallus: sexual politics in ancient Athens, Eva C. Keuls

Controlling desires: sexuality in ancient Greece and Rome, Kirk Ormand

Before sexuality: the construction of erotic experience in the ancient Greek World, David M. Halperin, John J. Winkler

Greek homosexuality, Kenneth James Dover

Homosexuality in Greece and Rome: a sourcebook of basic documents, Thomas K. Hubbard

Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece, William Armstrong Percy

Ancient Greece: Social and Historical Documents from Archaic Times to the Death of Alexander the Great, Matthew Dillon,Lynda Garland

Festivals of Attica: an archaeological commentary, Erika Simon

Athenian Myths and Festivals: Aglauros, Erechtheus, Plynteria, Panathenaia , Dionysia, Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood, Robert Parker

The Athenian citizen: democracy in the Athenian Agora, Mabel L. Lang, John McK. Camp

Meals and recipes from ancient Greece, Eugenia Salza Prina Ricotti

The classical cookbook, Andrew Dalby, Sally Grainger

Amphoras and the Ancient Wine Trade, Excavations of the Athenian Agora: picture book, Issue 16 , American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Homer A. Thompson

Greek Dress a Study of the Costumes Worn in Ancient Greece

Body, Dress, and Identity in Ancient Greece, Mireille M. Lee

The hunt in ancient Greece, Judith M. Barringer

Ancient Greek Horsemanship, J. K. Anderson

Courtesans at table: gender and Greek literary culture in Athenaeus, Laura McClure

Greek Prostitutes in the Ancient Mediterranean, 800 BCE-200 CE, Allison Glazebrook, Madeleine M. Henry

Performance culture and Athenian democracy, Simon Goldhill, Robin Osborne

The early Greek concept of the soul, Jan N. Bremmer

"Reading" Greek death: to the end of the classical period, Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood

The Seer in Ancient Greece, Michael Attyah Flower

The cuisine of sacrifice among the Greeks, Marcel Detienne, Jean Pierre Vernant

Wandering in ancient Greek culture, Silvia Montiglio

Olive cultivation in ancient Greece: seeking the ancient economy, Lin Foxhall

The other Greeks: the family farm and the agrarian roots of western civilization, Victor Davis Hanson

Economy and economics of ancient Greece, Takeshi Amemiya

The Growth of the Athenian Economy, Alfred French

Athenian economy and society: a banking perspective, Edward E. Cohen

The Greeks and us: a comparative anthropology of Ancient Greece, Marcel Detienne


Politics in the ancient world , Moses I. Finley

Prostitutes and courtesans in the ancient world, Christopher A. Faraone, Laura McClure

The Ancient Dancer in the Modern World: Responses to Greek and Roman Dance, Fiona MacIntosh

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