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Fluxus Heidelberg Center was founded by Litsa Spathi and Ruud Janssen. Under the name Fluxus Heidelberg the artist duo are creating performance art and document everything on their site and with publications. They use new technologies and Internet tools for their performances, like digital cameras and CDs.

The Fluxus Heidelberg Center site (see link below) is the place where all Fluxus activities of the artist-duo Fluxus Heidelberg (Litsa Spathi and Ruud Janssen) are documented. It includes interviews with Fluxus-artists, photos of performances, historic facts, full documentation of all performances by Fluxus Heidelberg, Fluxus Poetry by Litsa Spathi, an overview of all publications by the Center and by other Fluxus related artists. You will find information about how to contact them, links to other sites that are interesting for you and a sitemap.

The Center itself was founded in July 2003 and is building up a large collection of Fluxus material. Both artists were active in the Fluxus-world for years and are in contact with founders and active players of this movement. Their Fluxus-activities are a continuation of the early Fluxus-movement. They use the modern techniques in their performances and document their activities in digital and printed form. A large set of digital photos and digital fluxus poetry is published on this site. The modern life with its hectic situations form the playground for their performances.

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