Archaische Griechische Kunst: Der Mantiklos Apoll

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A 20 cm bronze sculpture, early 7th century BC from Thebes (The Mantiklos Apollo) dedicated to Apollo, Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The inscription on the thighs in hexameter, isolated from Mantiklos after some image processing operations:


"Mantiklos offers me as a tithe to Apollo of the silver bow; do you, Phoibos, give some pleasing favor in return."

Apollo the farshooter with his silver bow, his preferred weapon. Mantiklos hopes that by giving this gift Apollo will sometime remember and give to Mantiklos some gift in return.

...asking for a "pleasing return (chari Fettanamoib[an])," the figurine signals its participation in the bonds of charis and chreos that join parties to a gift exchange Deborah Tarn Steiner Images in Mind: Statues in Archaic and Classical Greek Literature and Thought Mary Depew, Reading Greek Prayers, Classical Antiquity, 16, 1997, p. 229

A similar case (and there are many more ) is the inscription of an offer to Athena on the Acropolis by Telesinos who "dedicated this, may you take delight and allow him to dedicate another", which means preserve his life so that he can later offer another sculpture.

Mantiklos Apollo Reconstruction,

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