Artemis, Apollo's twin sister, again a copy of a work probably of Leochares known as Diana of Versailles. A work offered to pope Paul IV by Henry II.


Diana of Versailles, Closer Look

H. 2 m (6 ft. 6 ¬Ĺ in.)

Credit line Given by pope Paul IV to Henry II of France

Accession number Ma 589 (MR 152 )

Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiquities, Sully, ground floor, room 17

Photographers/source Eric Gaba July 2005 and Jastrow 2007.

A version of Artemis in Antalya

In this statue the goddess does not appear as a huntress, but rather as the protectress of wild animal. She is conceived as having just come to the rescue of a hunted deer, and is in the act of turning with angry mien on the pursuers. With her right hand she grasps an arrow from the quiver that hangs at her back, and in her left she holds the bow. The Mythology of Greece and Rome

The Artemis (Diana) of Pompeii

Artemis Stamp from Paraguay (from Latein Education Highway, Austria)

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