Aphrodite, Eros and Pan, c. 100 BC, Delos, Marble c. 130 cm, National Museum Athens (Ethniko Mouseio), Greece, Inv. 3335
Inscription: Dionysios, son of Zeno, son of Theodoros of Berytus, benefactor, [dedicates this] on behalf of himself and of his children to the ancestral gods.

Aphrodite Pan and Eros

Aphrodite tries with a sandal to keep Pan at a distance. A small winged flying Eros watches amused the situation (or actually helps Pan to approach Aphrodite). Aphrodite the goddess of love seems not to be always willing for an erotic adventure (and this Pan is not like Adonis). In medieval times and later almost in every scientific and non-scientific book and in almost every painting and sculpture group we will find these winged “Erotes” or “Angels”. The “Eros” seems really flying by slightly touching the shoulder of Aphrodite and the head of Pan (one of his horns). Aphrodite seems relaxed and not afraid, she is we should not forget a goddess. Pan is associated with sudden fear in lonely places (panikon deima) the origin of the word Panic fear. The work is from the so-called Poseidoniasts of Delos, an association of Syrians and Lebanese shippers, traders, bankers, and warehousemen. Berytus is the ancient name of Beirut in Lebanon.

A more serious, civilized and proud Pan from Sparta, probably also older. Where are his horns? Maybe a result of what the Germans say “Die Hörner abstossen” i.e. to sow one's wild oats.

Eros and the mystery of the inner process

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