Part 1

Geometric oinochoe Louvre A568

Image from a Stamnos, Bibliotheque Nationale Paris, No. 252

Athletes in Palaestra, Kylix, Thorwaldsen Museum, No. 112

Hoplitodromos start, small bronze statue (shield missing). Universitätsmuseum Tübingen Germany

Hoplitodromos, Kylix, Altes Museum, Berlin No. 2307

Discus, Munich , Museum für antike Kleinkunst, No. 2308

Throwing the javelin on a target, Amphora, British Museum, No. 1903.217.1

Racing with 2 mules, Coin, Metropolitan Museum of Art, No. 206

Achilleion in Corfu (Source) , Reconstruction of an ancient sculpture, a pair of wrestlers (*) .

Wrestler Herculaneum , (part of a pair) National Museum of Naples, See a reconstruction above

considered sometimes as a runner

Olpe, Athletes, Louvre G242

Athletes Louvre MNE964, Pisticci Painter

Boxing (*)

All Images, except those marked by (*), are public domain

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