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Antiquity had been a civilization of spectacle writes Foucault in Discipline... With spectacle, there was a predominance of public life, intensity of the festivals, sensual proximity. In these rituals in which blood flowed, society found a new vigor and formed for a moment a single great body. ...The enthusiasm that got the possession of the bodies during the religious act was enthousiasmos, which literally means to be inspired or filled with god. ARCHAIC AGE AND METAMORPHOSES OF GREEK CULTURE

Usually a sacrifice was part of the festivals that sometimes included animals and or corn, fruits etc. In the case of animal sacrifice the meat was distributed among the participants and a small part or the less valuable or useless part was offered to the god/goddess (a story that some assume is related to Prometheus and the sacrifice at Mekone)


Bomos: Altar, the place of sacrifice.

Bômolokhos (or bomolochos , bomolochus) one who literally 'ambushes' the sacrificer at the altar by asking for meat under the threat of verbal abuse according to Pherecrates (Source) maybe related to the buffoon (bomolochus character in Greek comedies). In modern Greece bomolochos (Βωμόλοχος) is someone who talks dirty, foul-mouthed .

Kanephoros usually led the procession to sacrifice at festivals, carrying the kanoun, or ritual basket, on her head. The Kanephoros and Her Festival Mantle in Greek Art, Linda Jones Roccos

Thysia (Sacrifice)

Sacrifice to Apollo

Two priestesses preparing two bulls for sacrifice.

A sacrifice. A bull, a garland hanging from his horns, is led to the altar.

Ancient Greek Festivals

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A romantic view of the Dionysia (Bacchae) by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

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