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Region of Pervolia. Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Pervolia Larnakas (Greek Περβόλια Λάρνακας ) is a growing village in the Southern Republic of Cyprus about 15km South East of Larnaca, the oldest city on Cyprus.

Less than 10km from Larnaca International Airport, Pervolia has taken advantage of the recent boom in holiday property building taking place all across Cyprus and is now home to many villa complexes.

Positioned so close to the airport, and with good links to all the major towns and cities, it is an obvious choice as property market increases and Paphos and the other major tourist areas become highly priced.

The village had 1801 inhabitants (2001 stratistics) and boasts breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and local beaches.

Year Population
1946 701
1960 732
1982 1144
1992 1507
2001 1801

Pervolia Larnakas. Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

For Tourists

Pervolia offers all necessary amenities you could possibly want on holiday. It is 14 km from the shopping centre of Larnaca, and 9 km from the airport and is located right next to stretches of untouched and secluded beaches

Here, visitors can enjoy the traditional Cypriot way of life together will all the modern conveniences of banks, shops and supermarkets.

Pervolia also boasts a beautiful paved village square which is located next to the old church. The square comes to life in the evening when the locals and tourists come together while enjoying local food and wine in the tavernas and restaurants. The smells of local dishes fill the air, tempting the hungry visitors to dine at any one of the quaint establishments that line the main streets. Combine the above with an area of outstanding natural beauty and you have a hard combination to beat.

Pervolia Larnakas. Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist


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