Leonardo da Vinci Machines

Air Screw, Leonardo da Vinci

Photo: Augusta Stylianou Artist

Vite Aerea
Manoscritto B.F. 83v.

This is certainly one of Leonardo's most famous designs since in it one recognises an
ancestor of the helicopter. This craft made of reeds, linen and iron thread, would have been
operated by four men who by rotating a shaft, could lift themselves off the ground.
It is clear that the mechanism so conceived could never have taken off, but the idea remains
that with the force of an adequate motor, the machine would actually have spun itself into the
air and off the earth.

Λεονάρντο ντα Βίντσι

Leonardo da Vinci Machines

Air Screw

Leonardo da Vinci Machines - An exhibition of genius, Cyprus

Evagoras & Kathleen Lanitis Foundation

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