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Xenares , a Spartan, one of the ephors who came into office in 421 BC Be ing opposed to the truce which had been made with Athens for fifty years, he and his colleague Cleobulus intrigued with the Boeotians and Corinthians to reconstruct the Lacedaemonian league, and to strengthen it by the addition of Argos. If this could have been effected, Sparta would have had nothing to fear from the renewal of war with Athens: but the scheme failed in consequence of the secrecy necessary in its preliminary steps. (Thuc. v. 36-38.)

Xenares, a Lacedaemonian, son of Cnidis, is mentioned as commander of the colony at the Trachinian Heracleia in b. 420 BC, when the colonists were assailed by the forces of several neighbouring tribes, and were defeated with great loss, Xenares himself being among the slain. He appears to have been a differemt person from the ephor of the preceding year. (Thuc. v. 51.)

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