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Tina Kandeláki (Russian: Тина Канделаки, Georgian: თინათინ კანდელაკი,(Armenian: Թինա Կանդելակի born November 10, 1975 in Tbilisi, Georgia) is a Russian journalist, young politician, TV presenter and producer. A co-owner of the Apostol Media Group company.

Tina Kandeláki (*)


Tina’s father Givi Kandelaki (1942 – May 1, 2009) was an economist and the director of a vegetable depot in Tbilisi. Lived in Moscow after his retirement. Givi Kandelaki is descended from the Kandelakis, a noble Georgian family of Greek descent. Tina’s mother Elvira Kandelaki (maiden name Alakhverdova) is a narcologist of Armenian (or half-Armenian, half Turkish) descent. Tina graduated from the high school #64 for the children of servicemen. In 1993 Tina entered Tbilisi State University, a Medicine Department. But soon after she left medicine and joined a Journalist Department. In 2008 she graduated from The Russian State University for the Humanities, a Foreign Affairs Department.

TV and Radio

Kandelaki worked for Radio 105, a radio station in Tbilisi, Georgia, until 1995, when she left for Moscow and started working on many TV and radio stations, such as M-radio, RDV, Silver Rain Radio, 2x2, Biz-TV, Muz-TV, Vremechko and TV-6. In 1997, during one of the M-radio airs Tina told a story about her speech faults during the early years of her career. Apparently, the exercises that she used to do to improve her speech faults made her talk extremely fast. This feature of hers became a subject of parodies on TV.

Since September 2002 Kandelaki has been hosting the talk show Details on STS (Russian TV-channel) with Russian celebrity guests. In 2006 she received her first TEFI (the highest Russian TV award) for the “Best Talk Show TV Presenter” nomination. Since February 2003 Kandelaki has been hosting the TV show The Brainiest, the most popular intellectual game show for children. The show, as well as its host, received two more TEFIs — in 2004 and 2009.[1][2]

2006 — Tina Kandelaki together with Sergey Dorenko presented a weekly political program on Echo of Moscow (Russian radio station); 2008 — is a TV-host of the Unreal Politics show on NTV. Born as experimental online project, Unreal Politics has turned into the most popular talk show on Russian TV with top guests from politics, business and entertainment; 2009 — Kandelaki is a host of Two Stars, a TV-show on Channel One; 2009 — is a producer of Infomania, a TV-program on STS, a unique infotainment program for thinking audience; 2009 — dubbed a guinea pig named Juarez of the G-force movie by Walt Disney Pictures; 2010 — is a jury member of KVN Top-league (a TV game show); 2010 — is a TV-host for the Perfect Man show on STS Channel.
Public Activities

In November 2007 Kandelaki condemned the policy of Mikheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia. “A man who acted as a mouthpiece for democracy in Georgia turned out to be a medieval tyrant”. She addressed a call to the Georgians to draw an international attention to the situation in Tbilisi, when the authorities were broking up public demonstrations, and to stop Saakhashvili. In September 2008 Tina accused Saakashvili in bringing the situation in the South Ossetia to the military conflict with Russia.[3]

Since October 2009 Kandelaki has become a member of The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation on the invitation of President Dmitry Medvedev. Kandelaki is a member of the Civic Chamber Committee on Education. Tina Kandelaki takes active stand for the favorable conditions destined to cultivate the potential of gifted children, and promotes the introduction of modern technologies to Russian schools. In addition to the activities of the Civic Chamber, Kandelaki organized and led the series of round tables under the title of “The Internet as an instrument of revealing weak spots of society” and “How would the Russian education system change under the pressure of demographic problems?”, among the participants of which were the heads of Russian regions, representatives of federal state authorities, influential businessmen and famous bloggers.

Tina Kandelaki is a business partner and co-owner of the Apostol Media Group company which produces TV-programs for the leading Russian TV channels and provides full spectrum of PR services.

Since 2010 Kandelaki has been the owner of the Tinatin restaurant in Moscow. All the recipes from the Tinatin menu belong to Kandelaki’s mother. On June 3, 2011, Tinatin received the Russian National Restaurant Award for “The Best Ethnic Cuisine”.[4]

In May 2011 Kandelaki joined the board of directors of Vyatka-bank.
Personal life

Andrey Kondrakhin (born September 30, 1975) – the former husband, an artist and co-owner of the multi-field clinic ASKON;
Melaniya Kondrakhina (born 2000), daughter;
Leontiy Kondrakhin (born 2002), son.

On November 26, 2006 Kandelaki was involved in a car accident in Nice, France. Kandelaki was a passenger of the Ferrari Enzo which was driven by Suleyman Kerimov, entrepreneur and billionaire. The car went off the road and crashed into a tree. The cause of the car accident remained unknown. The entrepreneur was seriously injured and taken to hospital, while Tina, burned, was trying to escape bad publicity and left for Moscow.
at the 2010 Runet Prize
Awards and Achievements

Winner of 3 TEFIs awards (2004, 2006, 2009);
In 2006 Kandelaki won the Russian style and fashion award Astra for “The Most Stylish TV-hostess”;
In 2006 won the Glamour magazine award for “Form and content”;
Tina was voted the sexiest TV-hostess in Russia among 10 nominees of the “Top 10 Sexy” awards in a “TV” category.


2005 — Ne Rodis' Krasivoy (the Russian version of Ugly Betty), small cameo as a spoke-person for Zimaletto company
2007 — Папины дочки, a small cameo
2008 — Asterix at the Olympic Games, dubbing a Greek Princess Irina
2009 — G-force, dubbed a guinea pig named Juarez
2009 — The Forbidden Reality, a small cameo
2009 — Moriachok, a music video of the Russian band Nochniye Snaiperi

Interesting Facts

Tina is naturally a left-hander, but was trained to be a right-handed person
According to Tina, she forced herself to speak extremely fast in Russian in order to learn the language
According to the opinion of her journalist colleagues, Tina is the epitome of an extremely smart and glamorous style
Tina has two tattoos. A Reiki symbol Cho ku rei (its meaning vary, but the most common is “a very quick healing of wounds”) on her left wrist, and a Chinese hieroglyph on her left thigh, which means “mother”. These images were tattooed on the places of burns.


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