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Tauriscus was

a Greek grammarian, and a disciple of Crates. (Sextus Empir. adv. Mathem. i. 248, p. 268, ed. Fabric.) The Greek actor of this name, spoken of by Theophrastus, must have been a different person. (Cic. de Orat. iii. 59.)


a sculptor of Tralles, who, with his brother Apollonius, made the celebrated Toro Farnese.Pliny also mentions his Hermerotes, in the collection of Asinius Pollio. (H. N. xxxvi. 5. s. 4. § 10).


a distinguished silver-chaser (caelator) from Cyzicus whom Pliny distinguishes from the above artist (l. c.) He elsewhere mentions him, in his list of silver-chasers, as flourishing soon after Stratonicus. (xxxiii. 12. s. 55.)


a painter, mentioned by Pliny among the artists who were primis proximi. His works were a Discobolus. Clytaemnestra, Paniscus, Polynices regnum repetens and Capaneus. The Polynices and Capaneus, it may be presumed, formed parts of one composition, representing the battle of the Seven Chiefs against Thebes. (Plin. H. N. xxxv. 11. s. 40. § 40.)

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