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Nikolaos or Lakis Dailakis (Greek: Νικόλαος Νταηλάκης, -1941) was a Greek revolutionary of the Macedonian Struggle.

Dailakis was born in the village of Vërnicë, Devoll District, modern southern Albania (Northern Epirus). He participated in various operations of Greek guerillas groups under the revolutionarry leader Konstantinos Christou or Captain Kottas against Bulgarian groups in Ottoman Macedonia.[1] During this time he was ransomed by the local Ottoman landlord Hussein bey, but although his hideout near Ziçisht was surrounded, he managed to escape.[1]

After the Balkan Wars Dailakis settled near the city of Kastoria, Western Macedonia, Greece. In 1941, during the Axis Occupation of Greece he was assasinated by the left wing resistance.[2]

Today a quarter in the city of Kastoria bears his name.[3]


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