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Nicon, (gr. Nikon), an architect and geometrician of Pergamon in Mysia, the father of the physician Galen. (Suid. s. v. Galenos; Joann. Tzetz. Chil. xii. 9.) He himself superintended the early education of his son, by whom he is highly praised in several places, not only for his knowledge of astronomy, grammar, arithmetic, and various other branches of philosophy, but also for his patience, justice, benevolence, and other virtues. (Galen, De Dignosc. et Cur. Animi Morb. c. 8, vol. v. p. 41, &c., De Prob. et Prav. Aliment. Succ. c. 1, vol. vi. p. 755, &c., De Ord. Libror. suor. vol. xix. p. 59.) He died when his son was in his twentieth year, 149/150 AD. (l. c. vol. vi. p. 756.)

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