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Nicolochus (gr. Nikolochos), a Lacedaemonian, whom Antalcidas left at Ephesus as viceadmiral (epistoleus), in 388 BC, while he went himself to negotiate with the Persian court . Nicolochus, sailing from Ephesus to the aid of Abydus against the Athenians, stopped at Tenedos, where he ravaged the land and exacted a supply of money from the inhabitants. The Athenian generals, Iphicrates and Diotimus, were preparing to succour Tenedos, but, when they heard of the arrival of Nicolochus at Abydus, they sailed from the Chersonesus and blockaded him there. Antalcidas, however, on his return in 387 BC, put an end to the blockade, and wrested from the enemy the command of the sea. In 375 BC Nicolochus was appointed admiral, and sent out to act against Timotheus in the Ionian sea. With a force inferior in number to that of the Athenians, he gave them battle near Alyzia, on the Acarnanian coast, and was defeated; but, soon after, he was reinforced with six Ambracian ships, and again challenged Timotheus. His challenge was not then accepted; but it was not long before Timotheus, having refitted his galleys and increased his fleet, by an addition from Corcyra, to seventy ships, decisively commanded the sea. (Xenophon Hellenica v. 1. §§ 6, 7, 25, &c., 4. §§ 65, 66; Schn. ad loc.; Polyaen. iii. 10; comp. Rehdantz, Vit. Iph. Chabr. Timoth. iii. § 7.)

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