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Naucleides, one of the two Spartan ephors, sent, according to the Spartan custom, with the king Pausanias into Attica in 403 BC, at the time when the Athenians were hard pressed by Lysander. He entered cordially into the plans of Pausanias for defeating the designs of Lysander. (Xen. Hellen. ii. 4. § 36.) He is perhaps the same with the Naucleidas, son of Polybiades, whom Lysander ridiculed and assailed on account of his obesity and luxurious mode of life in an assembly of the people, to such an extent that he was near being exiled forthwith. The people, however, contented themselves with threatening him with banishment if he did not reform his mode of life. (Athen. xii. p.550 d.)

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